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Pavigym Flooring

Pavigym Flooring

During the first 55 years of existence we have been producing sheets diversifying its final application through several industries: Footwear, dairy farming and health club. Since 1996, we focused exclusively on the fitness industry, following its demands and adding value to our flooring range

More than 55 years of innovation, always ahead of our times and followed by many. Same company. Setting the trend.

We provide solutions to improve the fitness experience to its fullest. In a world that’s changing faster than ever, we aim to help people live
healthier lifestyles and enjoy the time they spend at the gym. The combination of performance, technology, design, and ready-to-use solutions makes us a world leader in fitness trends.

Colors: Stone Grey, Jet Black

Designed specifically for use in strength training areas,
ENDURANCE features a reinforced coating to resist impacts from weights up to 25kg.

Given its characteristics, its damage resistance, and the protection it offers the subfloor, it’s the best floor for weight rooms available on the market.

The flooring you want for your weights area!

Colors: Stone Grey

MOTION by Pavigym is designed to offer comfort and reduce injuries in all group X classes. From aerobics to Body pumps, this solution is resistant while offering high mobility. Traditional flooring, such as wood or PVC, gets marked easily with the equipment used in group classes. Motion is durable and will not get marked, even with weight falls!

Thanks to its composition, it looks after your athletes’ joints. This flooring uses an innovative new technology that allows the floor to absorb impacts and convert them into energy for subsequent movement. This state-of-the-art technology reduces the risk of injury by 80% compared to traditional rigid and aeroelastic floors.

Colors: Super Black

EXTREME is a technical flooring for free weights and cardio that truly lives up to its name. The high resistance to impacts it offers means it’s a durable and resilient flooring solution that doesn’t show signs of wear, making it the best weight room flooring option. Its hardcore aesthetic adds to the style of your gym while improving on weaker flooring that rips and tears up.

The most resistant PAVIGYM surface, EXTREME features high impact absorption of falling objects and excellent resistance to marks. Manufactured using recycled ENDURANCE flooring, it is a sustainable solution that is not only great for your facility, but also for the environment.

The flooring you want for your heavy weights area!

Colors: Super Black

EXTREME S&S offers the best thermal and sound insulation with a great reaction to fire (Efl certificated). Despite being the most resistant and hardcore of all our flooring, EXTREME S&S still offers maximum comfort thanks to its thickness and blend of virgin and recycled rubber.

The S&S version builds on the incredible resistance of EXTREME, with a thickness of 22 mm that protects the subfloor and offers a huge level of sound and vibration absorption. It can withstand falls of up to 150kg, so there are no limits for training with this solution. EXTREME S&S is the choice for any gym owner looking for a reliable weight flooring solution in a high-impact and high-weight area.

Don’t take any risks, and choose Extreme S&S!

Colors: Super Black

The first acoustic flooring which is integrally installed in independent 1sqm modules, while achieving maximum insulation of the vibration and noise caused by falling weights in gyms.

Regupol Accustic Technology
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