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customize your gym equipment

Did you ever wish you could pick the color theme of your gym facility
and fitness equipment? You can! We are experts in transforming used machines into ones that are remanufactured in the custom colors you
want, even adding your logo.

We can powder coat the equipment frames, paint the frames, pads and shrouds any color you want, paint designs on the equipment and we can customize the upholstery with your company logo as well.

Having the upholstery match the color theme of your gym facility and/or equipment, along with the company logo stitched in the upholstery, leaves a lasting impression with whoever uses the equipment by reinforcing the brand and colors.
Powder coating and painting the frames to match your company/team colors gives the equipment an impressive professional look due to its sleekness, and it can demonstrate your school spirit.
Show off your company’s individuality by differentiating your club from the rest with a complete paint job of your fitness equipment. A painted design on the shroud equipment can really bring out the “wow” factor to your facility.

Logo designs can be personalised to an individual, a club or facility and totally unique in both design and style.

See the example below to get an idea of what we can do for you.


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