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Commercial Gym Equipment

Commercial Gym Equipment

Primo Fitness is a leader in new and used commercial gym equipment sales worldwide. From full gyms to individual machines, our customers have found us to have high quality machines at a competitive price. We offer a great value on all of our fitness equipment, parts and accessories.

This is actually a discussion of economic reality: when you’re opening a new gym or updating an existing gym facility, you need to bring in equipment that will stay in service on your gym floor and endure whatever level of use it experiences. Only commercial gym equipment meets this requirement

We work with the top name brands in the industry because they offer well-designed, durably made machines. Life Fitness, Precor, Cybex, Hammer Strength, StairMaster are examples of manufacturers products we have available. Given the appropriate refurbishing, used machines from these companies are the smartest investment you can make.

If you’re looking for the top supplier of commercial gym equipment worldwide, contact Primo Fitness.

Because of our years in the industry, we have been approved as installers with some of the top names in the fitness industry. Our team has received extensive training by their teams and are certified to do complete gym installations.
Our team has over 20 years of experience with all types of cardio and strength commercial gym machines. All of our techs are trained in our proprietary method of refurbishing work, record keeping and quality assurance to insure that we have the lowest return rate in the industry. Because our goal is 100% customer satisfaction, we never cut corners. See our Yelp reviews and decide for yourself.
Of the many benefits afforded by choosing commercial gym equipment, parts availability is one of the most important. Because these machines are designed for a long life of reliable service, they lend themselves to being repaired. As such, replacement parts are manufactured in bulk by both Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) and 3rd party or aftermarket manufacturers. Our massive experience with remanufacturing these machines means we know where to find the very best gym equipment parts for your money.
Not necessarily. We ship and receive truckloads of equipment daily so our inventory is always changing. The best way to find out is to send us an email or give us a call.
We have an extensive archive of gym equipment manuals available for download. Not seeing yours? Send in your request and we’ll see if we can add it.
Watch our educational YouTube videos for information on buying used fitness equipment.

The easiest, most satisfying answer to this is “WAY longer than home gym equipment!” but that’s not very specific. In general, commercial gym equipment is designed to provide between 3 – 5 years of uninterrupted use in a public-serving gym facility that is open 24 hours a day. This assumes that all manufacturer maintenance and repair protocols and software updates are followed precisely.

If you have specific questions about certain machines, we are happy to share our industry knowledge with you. We suggest you contact us and we’ll give you a detailed, informative response about your situation. Call (281) 972-9267 or use our contact form.

This is a question that is hard to answer without more specifics. Are your wondering “In comparison to home gym equipment, how much does commercial gym equipment cost?” That is still a challenge because there are so many variables but, in general, brand new commercial gym equipment is significantly more expensive than brand new home gym equipment. This is another excellent reason to consider buying refurbished commercial gym equipment instead. It can be purchased for 50 to 70% lower prices than brand new.

We repair commercial gym equipment in our 100,000 square foot commercial gym equipment facility on a daily basis. As opposed to fixing, things it might make more financial sense to replace the unit with a refurbished machine.

We also have a service department that can offer advice and can be scheduled for local repairs. Preventative maintenance contracts are also available.

Commercial Gym Equipment

The different types of equipment we have available includes:
Cardio Gym Equipment – treadmills, ellipticals (cross trainers), upright bikes, recumbent bikes, indoor cycles, steppers, stepmills (stair climbers), arc trainers and more
Strength Training Equipment – individual machines and complete circuits, bars, dumbbells, kettle bells, weight plates
Gym Equipment Packages – a combination of cardio and strength machines
Accessories – medicine ball sets, slam balls, handles, plyo boxes, mats
Gym Flooring – rubber flooring (rolls and interlocking mats), wood and turf
There are three main Product Conditions of the used equipment we sell:
As is – used equipment in working condition but may have cosmetic damage and may make a noise during operation. We sell gym equipment in this condition EXCLUSIVELY to gym equipment dealers who intend to refurbish them themselves or use them for parts
Serviced and Cleaned – the machine is first thoroughly cleaned and then serviced in accordance to the manufacturer’s recommended protocol and inspected to insure that it works
Refurbished/Remanufactured – we go through the machine from top to bottom, front to back, replacing wear parts especially bearings, motors and belts to insure like-new performance and reliability, as well as powder coating. Custom color paint and padding is available.
Primo Fitness can help you with your purchase and service of commercial fitness equipment. Contact us today for more information!

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