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Leo Marangi

President & CEO

Leo Marangi started in the fitness industry with bodybuilding in South Africa. When he came to the USA, he was given the opportunity to deliver fitness equipment, traveling across the country.

After learning about the machines as a refurber, he began selling machines out of his garage. His vision to grow the company began by looking for opportunities to expand beyond sales. He began installing machines and buying back the used equipment.

Under his leadership, the company has grown into a business in a building with 100,000 sq ft of fitness equipment sold worldwide. And now Primo Fitness offers new equipment made by Panatta to an expanded customer base. Once Leo discovered the true biomechanics of fitness equipment, it has been his passion to educate buyers on the true quality and value of biomechanics vs price. He has expertise in sales, design, logistics, installs, technical repairs and other aspects to help meet his customers needs.

Kenny Grenert

Sales Manager

Kenny has been around the fitness industry his entire life. Pursuing fitness at a young age to becoming a former collegiate athlete has led him to jump into the fitness industry. Completing over Nine different personal training certifications while establishing a career in MMA.

After some time Kenny decided to dedicate himself to the fitness industry which led to him managing multiple clubs and running districts for some of the best fitness companies in the industry. After the Pandemic Struck the world, Kenny turned to the Equipment side of the Industry and has flourished since. With over twelve years in the fitness industry plus three Years of fitness equipment experience Kenny does not plan on stopping anytime soon.

“The biggest things I love about the fitness equipment industry is, bringing peoples visions, and concepts to life, and really making an impact on multiple levels. Doing a gym, athletic facility, or apartment from start to finish seeing that at one point it was just an empty dirty room to flipping the switch on a fully built beautiful facility gives me great pride and joy. I believe in helping people, and striving to always become better helps me greatly with customers and clients, because in return it will help them with their facilities, member experience, and really give them a great experience in all. “ – Kenny Grenert

Gabriele Bonci


Gabriele has been in the fitness industry for over 14 years. At 24 Years old he opened up his first gym in Italy just after receiving his bachelor’s degree in marketing communications. After competing in NPC Amateur Bodybuilding competitions, he decided to continue his passion for fitness in South Florida. Where he has grown his knowledge in the sport/ fitness industry as a personal trainer and then was given the opportunity to switch to the equipment side of the industry. Since then, he has specialized in building his clients’ dream facilities and turning them into realities.

Gabriele has experience in 3D design, international logistics, Fitness equipment, personal training, and such much more. Plus he is fluent in 3 different languages (English, Spanish, and Italian). He is passionate about his job and even more passionate about assisting his clients and building their dream gyms!

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