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Frequently asked gym equipment questions

Below are a few frequently asked questions. Have a question? Contact Us and we will be glad to answer them. Please note that all equipment in our store is used unless specifically labeled otherwise.

Ordering Questions

Yes, you certainly can. Our website is equipped to take orders, but we do strongly suggest that you contact us for a variety of reasons. First, shipping is a flat rate on our site and depending on the machine and location, it could be much more or much less so we suggest that you e-mail or call us for a shipping quote.
Once we receive you order, our logistics team will contact you to set up shipping. We will need to confirm your shipping location and find an appropriate time for you to receive your equipment.
We are a wholesale company so our inventory changes on a daily basis. We have a wide variety of items in stock, but depending on condition, prices could vary greatly for the same product. Many of the products on our site do not have set prices for this reason, but if you contact us (email or phone) we can give you pricing depending on the inventory currently in our warehouse.
We receive new equipment daily in varying condition so the price on our website does not always accurately reflect the true price of the equipment in our warehouse right now. That is why we highly suggest that you contact us if you have equipment you’re interested in but it appears to be out of your budget. We can negotiate and work with your budget.
Not necessarily. We ship and receive truckloads of equipment daily so our inventory is always changing. The best way to find out is to send us an email or give us a call.
We ship all across the United States and all around the world. We can ship both individual units or entire containers of fitness equipment.
It depends on how much work needs to be done to the unit and your location. A safe estimate would be approximately three weeks after your order, but we will contact you after you place your order and set up an appropriate delivery time so you will know the exact date of your equipment arrival and be able to plan accordingly. You can also contact us prior to ordering and we will give you a shipping estimate.

General Questions

Have you ever thought about getting a cardio workout and cross training at home? From one piece of equipment to complete home gyms, you may want to consider buying used items. See our top reasons why below:

Incredible cost savings buying used versus retail: Save up to 70% by purchasing used equipment that has been serviced or remanufactured/refurbished in good working condition. You can save even more by buying them in working as-is condition which will easily suit home use since these are commercial grade gym machines that are built to last.

Quality equipment worth your money: Consider brands that are used in gyms. Precor and Life Fitness are very popular. They are meant to withstand high usage, therefore should last a long time and be a good investment. All the units sold on this site are commercial grade and are much higher quality than those you can buy in retail stores.

Convenience, time and money savings: In-home equipment means not having to leave home to go to a gym. Weather will no longer be an issue. Also save time, gas and car usage by staying home.

Worry-free workouts, reduce risk of getting sick: Eliminate the concern of coming in contact with germs and diseases possibly passed by using shared equipment.

Incentive to get healthy and into shape: Once you buy the equipment, you will have a good reason to exercise more than ever before.
You can easily and affordably make the move from a public fitness center to your own personal workout space. Live longer and be stronger!

Fitness equipment such as exercise bikes, treadmills, elliptical crosstrainers, stair steppers/stepmills and strength equipment can be categorized by different conditions: new, used, serviced and cleaned, refurbished and remanufactured. It is important to understand the definitions of each when purchasing these items because prices and warranty terms are determined based on the condition. See below for descriptions.

New: Factory condition without previous usage or ownership, purchased directly through the manufacturer or resellers.

Used: Products that have been owned and operated previously. Unless otherwise stated, all equipment listed on our website used and sold in as-is guaranteed working condition.

As-Is: Items that are sold as-is are sold as we have received them. There may be cosmetic flaws or the machine may make some noises during operation. We do guarantee that the unit is in working condition and that all programs and features are fully operational. Our mechanics thoroughly test our machines before shipping them out. If you would like pictures or video of the exact piece of equipment you are purchasing, please contact us.

Serviced and Cleaned: Items that have been inspected for defects and repaired prior to sale. They are checked to be sure all belts are tight, motors and alternators are functioning properly, bearings are checked to see if they are functioning (if not, they are replaced), touch screens are operating as intended, etc. Some considered these products to be reconditioned.

Refurbished/Remanufactured: Equipment that has been disassembled and defective parts have been replaced, brought to as close to new as possible (“like new”). Things that are checked include: paint and coating, rollers, motors, running belts, decks, boards, console overlays, touch screens, alternators, generators, bearings, bushings, drive belts and crank assemblies.

There are also other ways to describe equipment, such as mint, excellent, great, good and as is. Be sure to read the information carefully so you know the condition of the item you intend on purchasing, especially if you are investing your time and money in building a home gym. If you have any questions or concerns, contact the seller for more information.

Unless otherwise stated, all items are in as-is condition.

There are different grades of gym equipment, which are categorized as commercial, semi-commercial and entry level.

Commercial grade equipment is superior quality and meant to withstand high usage. These pieces are typically found in gyms, physical therapy offices, recreation centers and hotels. Manufacturers of commercial fitness equipment include:

Life Fitness, Precor, Cybex, StairMaster, FreeMotion, LeMond, Magnum, Maxicam, Tuff Stuff, Nautilus, SciFit and Star Trac. More features are available with these products. Equipment prices are on the higher end, but will last longer than semi-commercial and home use exercise machines.

Semi-commercial grade equipment is between entry level and top of the line quality. It is cheaper and is intended for lower usage than fitness facilities, such as corporate health clubs. Manufacturers include: Branx Fitness, Impulse (Qingdao) Health Tech Ltd. and Life-N-Fitness Priorities.

The least expensive are entry level fitness products. Although they are more affordable than the above equipment classes, they are lower quality and may not last for very long.

Warranty depends on the condition of the equipment you buy. For further information about our warranty policies, please refer to our terms and conditions page.

There are different variations of gym equipment. One that is mentioned for weights is an Olympic version. If something is classified as Olympic, the item is typically made to be stronger and thicker than the standard version. It will hold up longer and is better for people looking for a more intense workout. Because of the quality of the equipment, expect to pay more but it will be worth it for extended use. If you are into body building, this is the type you should buy for your workouts.

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