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All combined these two have explored over 20 countries. Together they want to integrate elements from the interiors that they encountered on their travels into their spatial designs. Kelly Ellis plans to push boundaries through the skillful use of colour psychology, natural materiality, lighting, whimsy and eclectic design details; while integrating Feng Shui principles into all of their spaces. They know that people are intrinsically affected by their external environments and benefit greatly from subtle changes made to their surroundings through the utilization of aesthetic and energetic alignment. 

Prior to Kelly Ellis, Ginny completed her Bachelors of Interior Design in Calgary, Alberta and is also a certified Feng Shui consultant through the Mindful Design Feng Shui School. Ginny's passion for Interior Design began when she was 12 years old and grew as she assisted with her family home renovations and new build projects. She wholeheartedly believes that a home is a direct reflection of its occupants internal world and once it is aligned energetically and aesthetically, positive shifts will occur. 

Natalie worked in the corporate business world for the last 10 years where she gleaned a variety of people and management skills. She has always appreciated interior design and her love of travel exposed her to a wide array of design styles. She recently completed the Interior Designer's Business School out of London, England and is currently working on becoming a certified Feng Shui consultant through the School of Intention.

Kelly Ellis works closely with each client to find their specific interior design style and then infuses it with their signature whimsy and an uncanny ability to mix multiple patterns + textures, colours, furnishing styles and natural materials in order to create a cohesive space that is energetically harmonized with the clients that inhabit it. 

Kelly Ellis Interior Alchemy was founded in 2020 by sisters, Ginny & Natalie. 

interior designer + feng shui consultant

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project coordinator 


Elegant, elevated and 
energetically aligned.

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